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Deep Frying Oil Tester & Thermometer

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  • determines quality of frying oil
  • helps to ensure frying oil is changed at correct time
  • simple LED traffic light indicator system
  • displays both temperature and %TPM values

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The Deep-frying oil tester is a measuring instrument with which allows you to determine the quality of various types of frying oils.

Lightweight and easy to use the deep-frying oil tester can simultaneously display the temperature of the frying oil and % TPM value. The % TPM value (total polar materials) enables the user to make a judgement on the ageing and quality of the cooking oil, which deteriorates over time due to the effects of heating.

Measurements are carried out directly in the hot cooking oil. The measuring tip of the probe is placed directly in to the hot fat frying oil, and in under 30 seconds the user can establish the oil temperature and the oil quality.

The % TPM value is a measure of the thermal-oxidative stress level of a frying oil.

The Frying Oil Tester incorporates a simple to read LED traffic light function, which lets you know if the oil needs, or will soon need, changing. By only changing the oil when required, you can save money and time, as well as reducing waste.

Suitable for measuring olive oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, vegetable oils and animal fats.

ETIs digital frying oil tester & thermometer test the Total Polar Materials (TPM) of frying oils. TPM is measuring the amount of polar materials within the oil. A molecule is polar because the negatively charged electrons spinning around are not evenly distributed (odd number), whereas a non-polar molecule has evenly distributed (even number) electrons. As an example, water is a very polar material and oil is non-polar which means that water would separate from oil as seen in the below image (imagine magnets):


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