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thermometer comparator

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Comparator for infrared thermometers.

  • portable & easy to use
  • no external power required
  • allows economical infrared thermometer checking

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The infrared thermometer Comparator provides a stable black body temperature source and is an inexpensive way of checking infrared hand held thermometers when used in conjunction with a Reference thermometer.

The Comparator consists of an aluminium cup Ø60 x 100mm with a solid matt black base. The base incorporates two Ø3.5mm holes, one for a Reference thermometer’s probe and the other for an additional probe, if required.

The Comparator can be used at any ambient temperature over the range of 5 to 80°C. The information from the Reference thermometer can be used to compensate for minor differences in the readings from the test instrument. Then only instruments with unacceptable errors need to be returned to the supplier for re-calibration or certification.

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