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Thermapen IR infrared thermometer

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Thermapen IR infrared thermometer with foldaway probe
Thermapen® IR infrared thermometer with foldaway probe
  • patented, automatic 360° rotational display
  • adjustable emissivity for different surfaces
  • motion-sensing sleep mode – probe only
  • FREE traceable certificate of calibration (probe & IR)
  • meets the European Standard EN 13485

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The new Thermapen IR is two instruments in one compact unit, combining the advanced technology of two ETI designed and manufactured products, the RayTemp 2 Plus infrared thermometer and Thermapen 4 digital probe thermometer.

Housed in a robust ABS case containing ‘Biomaster’ additive which reduces bacterial growth, the Thermapen IR incorporates a motion sensing sleep mode (penetration probe only) which automatically turns the instrument on/off when set down or picked up, maximising battery life.

infrared thermometer
Simply aim the infrared thermometer at the target and press the scan button to display the surface temperature. Please Note: the infrared non-contact function will only measure when the probe is in the closed position.

The Thermapen IR thermometer incorporates a max/min temperature function accessed via the mode button (IR only). The distance to target ratio is 5:1, therefore the thermometer should be positioned as close to the target as possible. The default emissivity is 0.95 but can be adjusted between 0.1 and 1.0, if required via the mode button.

penetration probe
Alternatively, it is possible to take liquid or semi-solid product temperatures using the reduced tip, stainless steel penetration probe (Ø3.3 x 110 mm). The probe conveniently folds back through 180° into the side of the instrument when not in use.

Range- infrared

-49.9 to 349.9°C


0.1 or 1°C/°F – user selectable


12mm (horizontal) & 10mm (vertical) LCD – 360° rotation


19 x 50 x 157mm


One year


125 grams

range - probe:

-49.9 to 299.9°C

accuracy - infrared:

±1°C (0 to 100°C) otherwise ±2°C or ±2% of reading whichever is greater

accuracy - probe :

±0.4°C (-49.9 to 199.9°C) otherwise ± 1°C

field of view:

target ratio 5:1


0.95 default – adjustable 0.1 to 1.00


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