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Cooper Atkins DPP 800 W Pen Thermometer

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  • Accuray to the Highest Degree
  • WaterProof Pen Shape Design
  • Extra Long Stem with Ultra-fine tip 
  • Accuracy for Life

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Cooper-Atkins Pen Style Digital Pocket Test Thermometer

The DPP800W Digital Pocket Test Thermometer, has an extra large, easy-to-read LCD and is designed to run through dish washing
machines to check final rinse cycle temperatures. The sensor, located at the end of the reduced tip, provides the most aaccurate
reading available in a digital pocket test thermometer and has a quick response time of less than 6 seconds.

MAX Digital Pocket Test Thermometer has a Jumbo LCD, 12″ reach with pocket sheath and can be used to test dishwasher final rinse cycles.

The DPP800W sensor is located at the end of the reduced tip, providing a quick response time of less than 6 seconds. MAX has a large pocket clip with antimicrobial additive and is part of the Accurate for Life Family.


DPP800WActual SizeWhen fully extended using the sheath, MAX measures a full 12” in length, keeping hands at a safe distance from a heat source. The ultra fine tip allows for a very quick read and the anti-microbial infused body & sheath provides the user with a extra layer of food safety protection.

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-49.9 to 299.9°C


0.1 °C/°F


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