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Sous Vide Thermometer Kits – precise temperature measurement

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Sous Vide Premium Thermometer kit,  for perfect sous vide cooking

  • for precise temperature measurement
  • includes miniature needle probes for sous vide cooking
  • eliminates over-cooking & drying out of meat
  • 2 year guarantee

Sous Vide Premium thermometer kit – ETI has designed this premium Sous Vide thermometer kit that contains the high accuracy Therma 1 thermometer, 60 mm & 120mm Sous Vide needle probes, waterproof countdown timer, probe wipes and sous vide tape all supplied in a FREE carrying case. Everything you need to cook sous vide to perfection. For the full specification on the Therma 1 thermometer, click here.

Sous Vide cooking has become more popular in professional kitchens over the past few years. New cooking methods require new temperature testing techniques. To read our guide to Sous Vide cooking please click here.

Sous Vide Premium kit contains:

  • Therma 1 thermometer (221-041)
  • 60 mm Sous Vide needle probe (133-109)
  • 120 mm Sous Vide needle probe (133-110)
  • waterproof countdown timer (806-150)
  • Carton of 100 single sachet Probe Wipes (836-220)
  • Sous Vide foam/tape – one metre (600-470)
  • ABS carrying case (834-150)

Instrument:25 x 56 x 128 mm, Case:230 x270 x 80mm

What is sous vide cooking?
Sous vide is a method of cooking that involves using precise, controlled temperatures to produce food that is perfectly and evenly cooked all the way through. French for ‘under vacuum’, the process of sous vide involves vacuum-sealing food inside a bag and placing it inside a water bath where it will slowly reach, but not exceed, the
desired temperature. The food is then ready to be eaten or can be finished by briefly searing, broiling, grilling or deep frying.

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